DIY painted pumpkin tutorial- shades of green

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

I am loving shades of green this year. Pair this beautiful color with some Eucalyptus greenery and add in some touches of white and wood tones and it will make for a pretty farmhouse fall look!

This tutorial will teach you how to create the DIY painted pumpkins, but if you like the sign too, then click here and it will bring you to my DIY fall painted sign tutorial.


-Fake pumpkins (in this photo I used one large pumpkin (approximately 8 inches, two medium sized pumpkins approximately 4 inches and one small pumpkin approximately 3 inches.

-Annie Sloan chalk paint in Amsterdam green.

-Martha Stewart acrylic paint in color "Cloud"

-Waverly chalk paint in "Moss"

-Folkart chalk paint in "White Adirondack"

-Foam paint brushes


1. Start with the large pumpkin. Gently pull out the stem from the top. It should easily come out, but you might need to wiggle it a bit.

2. Taking one of your foam brushes, paint the large one with Annie Sloan's Amsterdam green paint. I painted it as close to the bottom as I could without getting it on the table. Since this is only the first coat, you will still see the color of the pumpkin through the paint.

3. Paint the 4 inch pumpkins. Paint one with the Waverly chalk paint in "Moss" and one with the Martha Stewart acrylic paint in "Cloud." Again, you will see the color of the pumpkin through the paint. After a few coats, you won't see any of the orange. : )

4. Paint the 3 inch pumpkin in FolkArt "White Adirondack."

5. Let all the pumpkins dry. This will take approximately 30 min- 1 hr. Repaint each pumpkin with a second coat. Let dry and add a third coat if needed.

6. Once the tops of the pumpkins are completely dry, flip the pumpkins over and paint the bottom.

7. Insert the stems back into the pumpkins. If the stem falls out, you may need to use a bit of hot glue or craft glue to keep it in place.

8. Optional- You can add a layer of clear wax over the pumpkins if you would like a layer of protection. I chose not to do this, but if you will be touching/moving them often, it will help to prevent scratches. I will include a link at the bottom for the clear wax.

9. Now have fun using these cute pumpkins to decorate your home! I would love to hear from you! Submit a comment or picture with your painted pumpkins and how you used them to decorate!


-Assorted fake pumpkins

-Annie Sloan Amsterdam Green sample

-Martha Stewart acrylic paint in color "Cloud"

-Waverly chalk paint in color "Moss"

-FolkArt chalk paint in "White Adirondack"

-Foam brushes

-Optional clear wax

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