5 Important points about lighting

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Lighting is such an important factor in a home, and is especially important in a home that is ready to sell. A home that appears dark and drab will ultimately put off potential buyers. While there are some quick fixes that a seller can do that don't cost a dime such as taking down unnecessary curtains and shades that block natural sunlight, light fixtures can also provide some much needed light as well as update a space to attract buyers. Generally, you will recoup the money spent when you sell your home!

1. Spend time assessing the lighting in your home.

Go through your home and open up blinds, shades, and curtains. Turn on all your lights. This includes lamps, sconces, or floor lamps. Take pictures of each room and look at how dark or light your space is. Be sure to take pictures in the morning, mid-day, and late afternoon since showings will happen at various times. If your pictures look dark, ultimately this is how buyers will feel when they see your space.

2. Remove or open up anything that blocks natural sunlight.

This is an easy fix and doesn't cost the homeowner anything. Often times blinds, shades, or heavy curtains prevent any natural sunlight from entering the home. It is amazing how a space can be quickly transformed by removing or opening up window coverings. Capitalize on a great view, if you have one! If you need to keep window coverings for privacy, be sure that they are pulled back as much as possible. If you notice that the area is still dark, there are other ways to bring in more light.

3. Clean, clean, clean.

Be sure to clean your windows, sliders, and all light fixtures. Dirt and grime quickly build up on glass surfaces which takes away from the light entering the home. Pets and children can also add to dirtying up surfaces as well. Be sure to clean all glass surfaces so they shine! Dust can also accumulate quickly. Invest in some good ol' fashioned dusting and polishing. Be sure to clean lampshades and any light fixtures inside and out to ensure they are providing as much light as possible.

4. Update your light bulbs!

LED lighting is the best option when updating light bulbs. They are bright, energy efficient, and last years. Home buyers are looking for energy efficient homes, so be sure to make this easy and affordable change.

5. Update out-dated light fixtures

Ask yourself this important question: When was the last time I updated my light fixtures? Are they the original fixtures that came with the house? If you haven't purchased a light fixture in over 10 years, you want to consider making this important upgrade. Many companies such as WayFair.com, Amazon, and Joss and Main make it easy to find new, modern, and affordable fixtures that are easy to install. Changing your light fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms will go a long way.

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